Ninigret Park was a Naval Airbase, so it's really, really flat with big grassy areas combined with blacktop areas that used to be runways.

We don't have hookups, so bring what you need to be comfortable.



  • 24-hour first aid and security
  • Hot showers (for a fee) 
  • Free drinking water from on-site water tankers 
  • Portable toilets & handwashing stations 
  • Excellent fresh, festive & ethnic foods available for sale from our food vendors
  • Music, clothing, custom jewelry, hand-made crafts are also for sale in our vendor area. 

An evolving list of suggestions offered by the staff and fellow campers. You won't need everything on this list, but you can pick and choose what will make your stay at R&R comfortable. It's way easier to just eat the foods from the great vendors than lug all that cooking stuff with you! (But that's up to you!)


  • E-TICKETS including your confirmation number
  • A form of personal identification (license, etc.) 
  • CASH for FOOD PURCHASES. Credit cards are not accepted at most Food Vendors. ATMs will be on site.
  • Tent or shelter, stakes and ground cloth 
  • Sleeping bag / pillow 
  • Air mattress, pad or cot 
  • Small canopy for protection from sun and rain. 
  • Camp stove or grill. Note: All cookfires must be off the ground. No open fires. 
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cookware, silverware, plates, cups, etc. 
  • Small camp table for food prep and dining. 
  • Food: precook and freeze ahead or just go to one of our wonderful food vendors. 
  • Zip lock bags (handy for everything) 
  • Trash bags and recycle containers for your own camp. 
  • Beverages in cans or plastic please. NO GLASS.   
  • For jammers: Instruments, strings, tuner and accessories 
  • Drinking water. Freeze some. When you run out we have water takers for drinking water.  
  • Water bottles 
  • Chairs for campsite and Main Stage area 
  • Tools: hammer, camp shovel, jack knife, etc. 
  • Hat (we sell these at the Tee Shirt Booth) 
  • Insect Repellent and Sunscreen 
  • Wet wipes / hand sanitizer 
  • Toilet Paper - you never know! 
  • Lantern / Flashlight / headlamps are great for portajohn visits
  • First Aid Kit (even though our First Aid Tent is open 24/7) 
  • Got kids? A small wagon is great for hauling all sorts of stuff. 
  • Rain gear (Rubber boots can come in very handy and they make great rain insurance!) 
  • Personal hygiene kit  
  • Towels / washcloths 
  • Layered Clothing - for hot days and cool nights 
  • Footwear: Sandals / Sneakers / Boots. 
  • Ear plugs for sleeping... they also keep bugs out of your ears at night. 
  • Broom for the tent or camper  
  • Rake for clearing your camping area
  • Cell phone and charger
  • If you bring a BIKE, bring a bike lock. Bikes sometimes get borrowed and turn up again, but it won't happen to you if you use a lock. 


  • Frozen Boxes of Juice  
  • Dish pan to clean dirty feet before bed 
  • Board games, cards, activity books, etc.
  • Art supplies


  • Anything that takes up too much room (please leave the ping pong & pool table at home!) 
  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of certified service animals. 
  • That extra car. Figure out a way to get there in one vehicle.

We hope you have a great time. Camping at Rhythm&Roots (we feel) is a great way to experience the full effect of the festival.

You'll meet folks who will soon be like old friends! Enjoy!